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Welcome to Village Green Turf – your only turf option if you demand softness, dense cover and all-year round cover.
Our customers continue to be impressed at how attractive their lawn and ovals look and feel; some even say it could be mistaken for an English “Village Green”
But that’s where the resemblance ends. Village Green grassis tough enough to withstand Australia’s harsh climate – from the frosts of Canberra to the sweltering Kalgoorlie summers.
Developed in Australia, Village Green kikuyuoffers in-built drought tolerance and requires minimum fertiliser. Finally, a guilt-free lawn and turf ready for Australian conditions. And unlike the buffaloes such as Sir Walter turf and  Palmetto TurfVillage Green is highly active in winter and retains its colour year ‘round.
Village Green lawn turf is versatile – ready for the big jobs such as playing fields, racetracks and public open space; but just as adaptable for your own backyard.
So when you are stocking up on your landscaping supplies, you can’t go past Village Green Turf.

Why choose Village Green Turf ?

Village Green Turfis more than a pretty face. It handles heavy wear, is very active in winter, weed-resistant, drought-tolerant and requires little fertiliser. But the best thing is that it stays green and soft all year round, so you’ll be the envy of your neighbourhood.
Village Green is available in many places which stock landscape supplies.

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