The Village Green Advantage

  • Vibrant colour, year ‘round
  • Tough, hardy and recovers well
  • Needs minimal water , fertiliser and chemicals
  • Adapts to any use – public parks, sports ovals and home lawns
  • Available through our network of quality turf suppliers

Village Greenholds a Plant Breeders Rights certificate and is a protected trade mark – both proving it’s a quality grass.

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The Village Green promise

A winter-loving, warm-season variety

Don’t let the phrase “warm season” fool you – Village Green has more winter activity than any other warm-season turf variety.
In winter, while its peer, Couch, is dormant, and common Kikuyu slows down, Village Green is actively growing.
This winter growth makes it perfect for winter sports such as Aussie Rules, rugby, soccer and horse racing.
Even when faced with winter frosts, Village Green it tough enough to send roots deep underground and continually repair itself.

Guilt-free green

According to scientific measurements, Village Green has 50% more roots per volume of soil than common Kikuyu. This means an enviable ability to keep its colour even in low moistureand fertiliser environments.
And Village Green’s high winter activity means you can establish turf in winter, when the soil is moist, saving on water bills and helping the environment.
This also means that in most of Australia, you won’t need much irrigation to establish Village Green. Not like other warm season grasses, which must be established in the spring, and need to be watered regularly.
All of this makes Village Green the best choice in this ever-drying climate.

The weeds and wear are covered

Village Green was developed using scientific testing focused on featuresto deliver the best possible turf for sports fields and public open space.
Features such as:

  • Thick stolons, which store carbohydrates- feeding the new shoots that are constantlybeing developed, even under high wear.
  • Short internodes, producing more shoots per square meter, and delivering a fine, thick cover, which smoothers weeds and cushions impact.
  • Thick rhizomes, giving the turf the strength and ability that enables it to recover from drought and tough wear.

You can place your trust in Village Green – developed using scientific principles.

Less spread

Weeds – including seed from common kikuyu- have limited chance of establishing thanks to Village Green’s dense cover.

Winter activity
Winter activity

Rhizomes and Stolons

Superior performance (both planted at the same time)
Superior performance (both planted at the same time)

Winter density
Winter density