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The Village Green advantage

Lush, green lawn makes people take notice.

When your lawn resembles a village green, it really draws a crowd. .
Village Green® is anadaptable new turf developed specifically for Australia’s harsh climate.
Unlike varieties, such as couch and buffalo, Village Green® stays lush and green, with dense coverage throughout the seasons.
That’s why it’s the turf of choice for public spaces such as the Melbourne Zoo or the Perth Cultural Centre.

Guilt-free green

While your neighbours look on in envy, there’s one group of people who will barely notice you when your lawn is Village Green –thelocal water utility.
That’s because Village Greenuses less water and fertiliser than most of its competitors.
And, with our increasingly drier climate, and toughening water restrictions, that means Village Green® lawn will stay green with less water, so less guilt, and cheaper water bills.

Wear, not tear

Village Green has an impressive ability to withstand every-day wear and tear.
It might look pretty and feel soft to touch, but this lawn has attitude!
It’s been tested on racetracks, so it’s certainly tough enough to handle anything your family and friends might subject it too – backyard cricket, parties, barbeques even big dogs.

Peerless performance

Village Green® has proven itself time and again across most soil types and climates – except the tropics – and loves both full sun or partial shade.
It’s also ‘winter active’, so can be planted in the colder, wetter part of the year and doesn’t need as much supplementary water to survive.

Deter intruders in your garden

Village Green’stight, dense coverage means weeds are less likely to get a foothold in your lawn, so you are less likely to need chemical sprays.
And Village Green is male sterile- so is less likely to spread to your garden beds, or irritate allergy sufferers. (It is important to note that the elimination of all male flowers is not guaranteed Some flowers maybe produced.)