Follow these recommendations for watering and fertilising and your Village Green will need  minimal maintenance.

Organic improvement

Before laying your Village Green, add a 25mm layer of compost into the first 50mm of the soil. This will radically improve the soil’snutrient and water-holding capacity, as well as speed up the turf’s establishment.


You can establish Village Green in the cooler months with minimal water, as long as the rainfall is adequate. It is important, however, to water the soil regularly while the turf establishes.
Village Green’s root system goes deep into the soil quickly, so new turf will be established within just 4 weeks.
During the early days, you need only waterVillage Green, which has been laid onto improved soil, once aday – although in extremely hot weather, two waterings could be needed.
About a fortnight after the initiallaying, the roots will have‘pegged’ down, and you can gradually reduce the watering frequency.
Do not over-water Village Green once it is established. Once or twice a week in summer, and once a week in autumn and spring is enough – although it will depend on rainfall and temperature extremes.
Remember, Village Green is drought tolerant and extremely hardy.



You should only fertilise Village Green in the months between April and September. And just use enough to keep the Village Green turf green and active during the cooler months. You don’t need to fertilise at all in the warmer part of the year.



Village Green needs to be mowed every 7 to 10 days at about20-25 mm in the warmer months. If the turf gets too spongy, set the mower on itslowest setting and cut the lawn right back. It is likely to look brown, but will grow back. Then keep mowing at 20- 25mm, using a rotary or reel mower.
In the spring and autumn, you should mow every 2 weeks. In winter, even less. The tips of the lawn will turn brown if it gets frosted. Ifthis happens, remove the brown tips with a light mowing – the lawn underneath will be green.


If your lawn keeps feeling spongy, renovate with a vertimowerin summer